St. 博纳旺蒂尔大学



St. Bonaventure has a long and proud history of providing quality graduate-level education. 我们在20世纪20年代提供了第一个硕士学位课程. Since then, 我们已经发展到提供各种研究生课程, 可以在我们的奥利安校园和网上找到.

The university serves more than 750 graduate students through 20 master's degree and certificate programs offered by our School of Arts & Sciences, 商学院, 教育学院, 卫生专业学院, 以及詹多里传播学院. 

继续研究生阶段的教育是一个重大的决定. 它涉及时间和资源的承诺, 但研究一致表明,这项投资是非常值得的. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that individuals with graduate degrees enjoy a higher average income than those with bachelor’s degrees.

A St. 博纳旺蒂尔大学 advanced degree can provide greater job security and career portability, along with the personal growth and expanded network that typically result from the graduate school experience.


Admission to the SBU School of Graduate Studies is offered to students perceived to possess the academic and personal qualities necessary for success. The admission committee makes this determination after a careful review of all aspects of an application:

  • 以前的学术工作
  • 工作经验
  • Aspirations
  • 程序要求的其他项目(参见 研究生课程页面.)


  • 地区认可的学院/大学的学士学位
  • 所就读大学的正式成绩单
  • 建议, test scores, personal statements and/or writing samples may apply to specific programs; see further details by program